The 2016 NFL Season
Posted by poolmeister on September 14 2016 11:49:32
The 2016 NFL football is underway and the big news this year is the Rams returning to Los Angeles after a 22 absence, and based on their performance in front of a national TV audience on Monday Night Football, they could have stayed away another 22 years without anyone noticing they were gone. Talk about listless and uninterested...not to mention undisciplined. Hopefully this was an anomaly because otherwise that new football stadium that is being built for the team will be hard to fill.

As with every year, there were some surprises during the first week. One of them is the Oakland Raiders and if you haven't figured out that they are up and coming, then you have not been paying attention. New England continues to win even without Tom Brady which indicates to me that Bill Belichick is the reason that team wins and no one player will impact the team that much. Arizona started out their usually bad way...with a loss and I have to wonder if Carson Palmer will ever play up to his potential. Oh well, there are 16 weeks to go so there are plenty of opportunities for you to win some money.

The High 5 Pool made its debut on Fred's Football Follies and unbeknown to me, in order to play in the pool you must play in the spreads pool. Of course I found out about that after 6 players had signed up and payed for it so I am having to work around the picks of those people each week to include them in the pool. Here is an advance notice...You will have to play in the Spreads Pool next year to play in the High 5 Pool. Lastly, your opinion counts, so don't hesitate to express it by using the Comments link in the left hand panel. GOOD LUCK THIS YEAR AND I HOPE YOU ENJOY PLAYING IN THE POOL.