The 2015 NFL Season - Recap
Posted by poolmeister on February 15 2016 15:56:12
The first 50 Super Bowls have been played and while there have been some memorable ones (last year's for example), Super Bowl 50 was just so, so in my opinion. Everyone was expecting big things from Cam Newton but the Denver defense stepped up and had him running and rushing his passes all night long. As for Peyton Manning, he was lucky that the defense played as well as it did because he certainly did not do much to win the game for the Broncos. The final score of Denver 28 and Carolina 10 should give you an idea of what kind of game it was.

Fred's Football Follies has come to an end for another year and I hope that you had a good time playing as I certainly had a good time administering the pool. We had some new players join us this year and if you were instrumental in getting these new players to join, go ahead and pat yourself on the back. Of course, your entry fee for each of the three main pools next year will be discounted to $80 for those of you that enlisted new players.

If you won any money during the course of the year, congratulations to you...the check has been issued or is in the mail as the saying goes. Winning is always a good incentive to play again next year. I am also sending out my annual request to get some of your friends or co-workers to join the pool...the more players, the more money available to win. The annual March Madness Pool registration is underway if you are interested in that pool.

Have a good summer and we will see you all in September.