The 2015 NFL Season
Posted by poolmeister on September 18 2015 09:17:29
Another season of NFL football is underway and after the first week, everyone is still trying to determine how some of these teams are going to fare against an ever increasing competitive environment. We have some new players in the pool this year along with the "old" gang which will keep the pool competition going. It is still early and everyone is starting from ground zero which makes for a rosy outlook.

Keep in mind that the weekly pots will keep you "in the money" even though you may be eliminated early from the quarterly pot. The Survivor pools also provide an other opportunity to make some of your money back. As always, I hope you have fun and in the process perhaps win some money.

I am always looking for other pools so if you have any ideas, let me know and I will see if we can either add it to this year's list of pools or add them in future years. Conversely, if you think some of the existing pools should be dropped, let me know about that as well. I think there is a good mix at the moment, but it is always good to review the overall field and make whatever changes are needed. Your opinion counts, so don't hesitate to express it by using the comments portion of this news module. You have to be a registered member of the site to post any comments however. "I'm listening".