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The 2014 NFL Season - Recap
Posted by bullet.gif poolmeister on February 06 2015
NewsSuper Bowl of the better super bowls in recent memory. Unfortunately it was marred by a bad call by the Seattle Seahawks coach trying to pass from the 6 yard line with Marshawn Lynch ready and able to run it to give the Seahawks the win. As you might expect, the pass was intercepted and the New England Patriots won yet another Super Bowl. I don't know if it was a win by New England as much as it was a give away for the Seahawks. The record book reads the final score of New England 28 and Seattle 24 and that is the way it will stand.

Well, another year of Fred's Football Follies has come to an end and although there were some hiccups in the beginning of the season due in part to the new software being used to track the pool, I thought things went well as the season progressed. The new software allowed me to instantly import every player pick at one time saving me quite a bit of time. I expect that next year's version will have some other bells and whistles.

If you were lucky enough to win any money during the course of the year, congratulations to you and hope it will give you incentive to play again next year. I am also sending out my annual request to get some of your friends or co-workers to join the pool...the more players, the more money available to win.

I hope you had as much fun playing as I did running it and we will see you all in September.
The 2014 NFL Season
Posted by bullet.gif poolmeister on September 09 2014
NewsThe 2014 NFL season is underway and Week 1 is complete. Everyone starts off with a positive "can do" attitude both for the teams and the players in the pool. It seems that everyone has a chance to win on the field or in their pocketbooks. It will be interesting to see who comes out ahead.

In my opinion (and that is all it is), there are some teams that are already showing signs of having a bad year...NY Giants primarily, Dallas looked awful and the San Diego Chargers are playing their usual game...take a double digit lead and let it get away from them. I always thought that Norv Turner was the reason for that, but evidently it doesn't matter who coaches that team, the same results apply. Perhaps it is the players themselves?

On the other hand, Seattle is picking up where it left off and Atlanta showed some signs that it may be coming back from a poor season last year. It will be interesting to see who ends up in the Super Bowl this year and hope it is not the blow out that last year's Super Bowl turned out to be. I'm excited not only that the season has begun but that I may be able to make a better showing in the spreads least good enough to break even? Good luck to everyone and I hope you have fun!
The 2013 NFL Season - Recap
Posted by bullet.gif poolmeister on February 05 2014
NewsThe Super Bowl (such as it was) is over, the winners have been paid and the 2013 NFL season has come to a close. The vaunted Denver Broncos and everyone's pick to win Super Bowl XLVIII took a beating the likes of which has not been seen in quite a number of years. They were out of sync from the first play when the center hiked the ball into the end zone for a Seattle safety. It got much worse after that and the game turned into a rout. Seattle outplayed Denver in every way possible, offensively, defensively, special teams and coaching. The final score...Seattle 43 - Denver 8.

Yours truly had another forgettable season as far as winning anything, although I did improve my standings in the spreads pool by making a strong finish. I still ended up under .500 but did much better than the last few years. The Confidence Point Pool increased the number of players to 27 and hope that the upward trend continues. It also appears that the Straight Up Pool was a big hit, and although only 25 players participated, I am hopeful that more of you will play in future years.

Lastly, I hope you had as much fun playing as I did running the pool. Tell your friends about the pool and get them to join in the fun. I am now in the process of setting up the annual Oscars pool and will soon start on this year's March Madness (Tournament Tracker) pool. Have a great summer and "lets get ready to rumble" next year.
The 2013 NFL Season
Posted by bullet.gif poolmeister on August 16 2013
NewsThree weeks from tonight, the 2013 NFL Season will get underway. The Thursday night game will pit the Baltimore Ravens at the Denver Broncos. The Super Bowl champions will take on the opponent of the 2012 AFC championship game. It is a replay of sorts and promises to be a great game.

The schedule again calls for 14 games on Thursday night, which will require all picks to be submitted no later than Wednesday night at 9 PM (PST). I guess we have all gotten used to that schedule and it will be interesting to see if last year's pool winners will win again this year. All I know is that I can only go up from my last place showing.

With a little over a week to go before the deadline to register and submit fees, the pool registration seems to have hit a wall and we are about 15 players short of last year's participation. Hopefully there will a final push to match the number of players but if not, the competition should get that much more spirited. I am gratified to see that participation in the confidence point pool is matching last year's numbers and hope that the interest in the pool continues.

Welcome back and "Let the games begin!!".



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